“Behaviour change is everything, it’s life!”

What does the government classify as a behaviour change intervention? How does it add to our policy toolkit? Why does the government not use the words ‘behaviour change’?

If you want to affect change, the thing to do is to make it feel not at all like change,” says David Halpern, head of the Government’s ‘nudge’ unit, Cabinet Office, giving evidence to the Lord’s Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry on behaviour change on 2nd November.

Listen here to the full evidence.

Other questions explored include: What is the remit of the ‘behavioural insight’ team? How is the insight from behavioural economics relevant to policy making? How do you effect change? How to ensure it is evidence-based?

Other witnesses included Ms Karen Hancock, Chief Economist,Department of Education; Ms Rachel McCloy, Government Economic and Social Research Team; and Mr Richard Bartholomew, Joint Head of the Government Social Research service, Department of Education

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