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Five items for the next PM’s in tray

Big Ben & Houses of ParliamentThis article features in the latest issue of Green Alliance’s journal Inside Track which focuses on priorities for the next parliament.

The fog surrounding the next government’s priorities couldn’t be thicker. We are heading into an election that no one can call, with a possible EU referendum that could obscure all other issues. Nevertheless, it is useful to consider what, in normal weather, the political landscape would look like, and what will be in the next PM’s in tray irrespective of the party they represent.

At Green Alliance we have identified five areas of action which we think will be central to successful green outcomes in the next parliament and which we would expect ministers to resolve within a year of coming to power: Read more

Big manifesto ideas: inspiration on innovation, planning and UK jobs

parliamentWith less than a year to go until the next election, we’re focused on stimulating strong ideas for the new parliament. As well as offering our own, we’re asking other leading thinkers and experts for their one big manifesto idea.

Today’s three proposals would boost UK jobs, stimulate the low carbon economy and give people more control over shaping where they live. There’s a lot to like, here and in the nine other ideas we’ve posted so far in this series, on the 16 May20 May and 29 May. Read more

My big manifesto idea: three great ideas for local empowerment

London Bus Streaks Past the Houses of ParliamentWe’ve asked leading thinkers, from politics, business and green groups, to set out their one big manifesto idea for the next parliament – the one they think will make a big impact in creating a greener Britain. We are publishing them through May and June.

With six ideas already under the belt, featured in posts on the 16 May and 20 May, today’s three ideas on a local theme come from independent adviser Rebecca Willis, Guy Newey of Policy Exchange and Simon Roberts of the Centre for Sustainable Energy. Read more

My big manifesto idea: infrastructure

Big Ben londonIt’s less than a year until the next election, and the race is on to inform and shape the policy agenda of the next government. Manifesto priorities may appear to be determined entirely by public sentiment, party values and a febrile media debate, but the quality of new policy ideas also plays an important role. New ideas nearly always come from outside formal politics. The proposal to create a Green Investment Bank, championed by both Conservatives and Labour in the run up to the 2010 election, emerged from policy entrepreneurs in the environment and finance community over a year before. Read more