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Our blog gets broader

Regular readers of the Green Living blog may have noticed that we’ve begun posting content that isn’t strictly about sustainable living, but relates to environmental policy and politics more broadly. This is part of a plan to turn this blog into a much wider platform for debate, covering all areas of Green Alliance’s work and UK green policy and politics. Yesterday we re-named this the Green Alliance blog.

We will continue to cover sustainable living and behaviour change, building on the wealth of content we’ve amassed over the past year and a half. Readers primarily interested in this can click on the ‘behaviour change posts‘ button in the menu at the top.

What would you particularly like to read on our blog? We’d welcome any thoughts in the comments below.

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Green Alliance is a charity and independent think tank focused on ambitious leadership and increased political support for environmental solutions in the UK. This blog provides space for commentary and analysis around environmental politics and policy issues as they affect the UK. The views of external contributors do not necessarily represent those of Green Alliance.

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