Change strategies: does one green thing lead to another?

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve hosted a debate on different strategies to encourage widespread sustainable living.

It started with a post on the dangers of campaigning on the basis of money, status and image, followed by a response arguing that appealing to people’s existing values works, and then a piece contending that there is room for both. Global Cool, a charity which appeals to the existing values of ‘trend setters’, also responded – pointing to their evaluation as evidence of success.

In the latest instalment of this debate Tom Crompton and Tim Kasser, authors of the original post, have penned a piece on consistency and ‘spillover’ in people’s behaviour. Can one sustainable deed lead to another? They argue there’s little evidence for this, maintaining that the most important thing is to foster values that are more conducive to sustainability.

(Picture credit: Do The Green Thing)


  • I believe the best strategy to engage the public with making green behaviour choices, is through the organisations they belong to, not direct to them, individually.

    For example, if we get schools, churches, synagogues, mosques, sports clubs, resident associations etc on board, they will spread the word amongst their members. In turn, one member will recruit another and a viral effect will kick in.

    This is what we are doing at Energise Barnet and it is beginning to work.

  • Workplace engagement is also a big part of encouraging green behaviour. Imagine a massive organisation with 1000+ employees having a green week every month where they encourage employees to participate in green living.

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