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Launching our new report!

It’s an exciting week for green living. Now that we’ve finished our report, and excavated our desks from underneath the tea cups and copious papers, here’s what’s happening:

  • Firstly we’re publishing a new report, Bringing it Home, on Wednesday about how behavioural insights can improve green living policies. In the report we look at what’s wrong (and in some cases right) with existing policies, and explore how they could be more effective if they were informed by a better understanding of human behaviour.
  • Secondly the report is being launched at Green Alliance’s annual debate on Wednesday evening. Minister for government policy, Oliver Letwin, will be on our panel alongside Ben Page of Ipsos MORI, Simon Roberts of the Centre for Sustainable Energy, and Lorraine Whitmarsh of Cardiff University. Justin Rowlatt, the BBC’s ethical man, is chairing (see here for biographies of all the speakers). The question under debate is: Does government needs to do more than nudge us towards sustainable living?
  • Thirdly, because we think this is a pertinent question, we’ve asked some leading commentators to give us their thoughts on it in the run up to the debate. More to follow on this very shortly… (update: first two here and here!)
  • Lastly, but definitely not least, we’ll be launching a film created for us by film-maker Adam Westbrook, which brings together some of our ethnographic film footage, and tells the story of our work. Much of the footage is up on our blog already

That’s it for now – more soon!

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Sylvia was the editor of Green Alliance's blog from 2010 to April 2013. She is an assistant producer on Al Jazeera English's flagship environmental show, earthrise, and an award-winning print journalist who writes for publications including the Guardian, the Evening Standard and New Scientist. She was previously a policy adviser at Green Alliance.