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Is nudge enough? Comment series

At Green Alliance’s annual debate on Wednesday our esteemed panellists will be arguing (or perhaps agreeing?) over whether government needs to do more than nudge us towards greener living.

Comment series
Given government’s interest in nudging its citizens towards leading better lives, we thought this was a question that deserved broader discussion. So, we’ve asked several commentators who work in this area to give their opinions in blog posts this week, before and after the debate. You can read their articles here and also on the authors’ own blogs. We’re really excited to kick things off with two great pieces – one from Green Alliance’s associate Becky Willis, and one from Futerra’s Solitaire Townsend.

So are nudges, such as telling people how much energy others use, or introducing more cycle lanes, a breakthrough or a distraction? Could better nudging people potentially revolutionise green living policy, or does government need to go further?

We’ll be adding our opinions and we’d love to hear yours in the comments!

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Sylvia was the editor of Green Alliance's blog from 2010 to April 2013. She is an assistant producer on Al Jazeera English's flagship environmental show, earthrise, and an award-winning print journalist who writes for publications including the Guardian, the Evening Standard and New Scientist. She was previously a policy adviser at Green Alliance.