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Green is normal

This is a guest post by Paul Kelly, Director of External Affairs, ASDA on the results of a sustainability survey ASDA have conducted over the last ten months with their customers. 

For a simple idea, sustainability can often be made to sound very complicated. Jargon like ‘carbon taxes’, ‘water footprinting’ and ‘third-party certification’ seem irrelevant to everyday life and there is often a sense that in order to ‘be green’ you need a degree and will have to take out a second mortgage.

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Why you shouldn’t mix love and money

Our friends over at Futerra recently published Branding Biodiversity, a ‘how to’ guide on communicating about nature.
One of its most striking arguments is that when you’re communicating with the public, it doesn’t pay to mix love and money. What Futerra call the love message – talking about the awe, wonder and joy that the natural world can bring us – can be undermined if you start to assign those trees a value in hard cash. Read more