The surprising truth about what motivates people

Money won’t necessarily motivate people to do their best work, and some big companies are waking up to this, says author Dan Pink. If businesses want real engagement from people, then allowing them self-direction and a sense of purpose is vital.

This brilliant animation brings to life a talk given by Dan at the Royal Society of Arts earlier this year. He argues that if we “get past this ideology of carrots and sticks” and stop treating people as though they’re simply “slower, smaller, better smelling horses,” we could create much better workplaces. Might a similar approach be useful for encouraging people to live lower carbon lives?

Watch the animation here

Posted by Sylvia Rowley at 7/21/2010 11:03 AM

One comment

  • This is an absolutely stunning video and brilliant concept! Thanks so much for sharing it – I guess we all feel that engaging people in a common purpose can be as (if not more) powerful that the usual rewards but it’s good to see that someone’s tracked down the science to support it. Thanks for sharing.

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