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AD or not AD: what’s the role of biogas in a net zero future?

This post is by Martin Bowman, senior policy and campaigns manager at Feedback.

Anaerobic digestion, or AD, the process of producing ‘biogas’ from organic matter like crops and food wastes, has been presented as the silver bullet to many of the UK’s environmental woes. It promises to do everything from producing green gas for heating and biofuels to providing greener fertiliser for our crops. A recent AD industry conference was boldly titled ‘There’s no net zero without biogas’. The industry is hungry for growth, aiming to build over 100 AD plants per year and, because AD is economically unviable without subsidies, the industry wants the government to pay out millions more to support its ambitions.

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What the Green Investment Bank’s first project tells us about funding green infrastructure

_0077‘On time and on budget’ are five words any project promoter loves to be able to boast, especially for a first project. One year and five months after the Green Investment Bank (GIB) was set up, its first project has managed this feat, despite being full of potential risks which might have been enough to scare off ordinary investors: the TEG Biogas plant in Dagenham will process 50,000 tonnes per annum of biodegradable waste which would otherwise have increased methane emissions from landfill, and will sell its residual heat to Closed Loop London, a factory that recycles plastic bottles. Read more