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Whether we choose carbon taxes or carbon trading to cut emissions, it’s action now that matters

It’s a debate that refuses to go away and it’s back in the news: should we use carbon taxes or carbon trading to bring greenhouse gas emissions down? For anyone around before the start of the EU emissions trading system (ETS) 15 years ago, or who has followed the endless post-referendum discussions on how to replace it, this feels like a particularly geeky sort of Groundhog Day.

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Why are local councils’ green building ambitions being held back?

intext_housing-roz-blogThe post was first published on Business Green.

The prestigious Stirling Prize was recently awarded to Goldsmith Street, an imaginative, low carbon development of council houses built by Norwich City Council.

It would be fantastic to see developments like this multiply across the country in the push to provide more homes. But local authorities’ hands are tied when it comes to developments in their areas carried out by others. Read more

It looks like ecodesign is one area where the UK will be keeping up with Europe

In-text-image-Kitchen-applicanesThe government indicated last week that it still plans to honour a commitment to match or go further than EU green product rules after Brexit. The evidence – a rather dry draft Statutory Instrument (SI) on power supplies for electrical goods – shouldn’t come as a surprise: the commitment was set out just two years ago in the Clean Growth Strategy. Read more