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Why weren’t there more women at the climate talks?

3964028704_b8d7bcca3c_b“Could you elaborate on how women can access the respective climate funds that your organisations manage?” It was a straightforward question from a Togolese woman after a panel discussion on climate finance for small island developing states, hosted on the sidelines of last week’s UN climate conference (COP23) in Bonn. The all-male panel, consisting of representatives of finance organisations and international development ministries, wasn’t able to answer. Instead, they collectively resorted to awkward laughter and some head shaking. After being pressured by the, also male, moderator, one of the panellists muttered a soft “no…”, while the others looked away.

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Why the New Climate Economy report isn’t just another report

Modern office exteriorThis post is by Michael Jacobs, senior adviser to the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate.

The publication of the long awaited report of the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate marks an important moment in the gathering global politics of climate change.

The New Climate Economy report provides the first major, authoritative account of the economic case for acting on climate change since the seminal Stern Review of 2006. Backed by an impressive array of current and former global leaders from 19 countries  – including six former heads of government and finance ministers, the head of one the largest private banks in China and the former head of its biggest public one, the heads or deputies of seven international economic institutions, the mayors of two of the world’s largest cities and the heads of four of the world’s largest corporations – it brings together a huge compendium of evidence that acting on climate change is not only compatible with economic growth, it can actually improve it. Read more