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The public want green taxes, but will the government deliver?

This post by was originally published on Business Green.

Tax is one of the most powerful tools the government has at its disposal to address the challenges of the 21st century. In combination with the right regulation, targets and strategies, taxes could be used to shape a sustainable economy, giving people and businesses alike the incentives they need to do the right thing.

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Tax reform for climate justice: are we ready for it?

This post is by Sara Hall, head of movement and partnerships at Tax Justice UK

The climate crisis is intensifying and the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated existing levels of inequality in the UK. This highlights the urgent need for a just and green recovery and, more specifically, for the tax and climate justice agendas to go hand-in-hand. But we need to get our act together quickly to make sure they do.

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Why government should introduce tax-free green savings

This is a guest post by Penny Shepherd, chief executive of the sustainable investment and finance association, UKSIF. UKSIF is coordinating National Ethical Investment Week, which runs from the 7-13th of November 2010.

When George Osbourne first proposed the idea of Green ISAs, he said that they would “engage the public in a new way in the issues around climate change and show them very clearly the economic benefits of green investment.”

As part of National Ethical Investment Week (NEIW), UKSIF has called on the government to introduce a Green ISA allowance at the next budget to enable the general public to make money from the low carbon transition. Read more