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Five ways to make sustainable capitalism a reality

This is an excerpt from an article by David Blood, co-founder with Al Gore of Generation Investment Management. The full version appears in Green Alliance’s journal Inside Track

Since its inception in 2004, Generation Investment Management has been an advocate of the mainstreaming of sustainability in financial markets. Unfortunately, we believe that global progress towards this effort has reached a plateau. This is because of a number of factors, including a widely shared failure to rigorously make and reinforce the economic case for sustainable capitalism.

For that reason, we have published a white paper which seeks to re-energise the discourse around sustainable capitalism, refine our arguments and, thus, make a stronger and even more persuasive economic case. Read more

Government must lead the way to a more sustainable capitalism

This exclusive article by opposition leader Ed Miliband is published today in Green Alliance’s journal Inside Track.

The world economy is struggling to recover from a crisis caused by inadequately regulated financial activity. Governments are dealing with deficits that are too high and growth that is too low. And, long before the credit crunch, people in the middle were struggling with squeezed living standards. For too long, economies have encouraged wealth creation focused on short term returns which failed to reward productive behaviour and skewed distribution towards the top. It is a problem that requires a fundamental re-examination.

But there is a further, deeper crisis underlying this.  This is the crisis of the global environment which is now rebounding on the real economy. Resource scarcity is affecting prices, for example failed crops in one part of the world lead to rocketing food prices in another part. Energy prices have continued to rise despite the global slowdown. These are resource scarcities right at the heart of the global economy. Read more