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Green liberalism: why we need a local approach to sustainable transport

Sea_of_bikes,_Bristol_Temple_Meads_stationThis post is by Julian Huppert, MP for Cambridge. It is one of a collection of forthcoming essays to be published by Green Alliance, titled Green liberalism: a local approach to the low carbon economy. Similar collections will also be published under Green Alliance’s ‘Green social democracy’ and ‘Green conservatism’ projects, as part of our Green Roots programme, aiming to stimulate green thinking within the three dominant political traditions in the UK. This piece has also been published on Liberal Democrat Voice.

A sustainable and low carbon transport system is something which UK governments have historically struggled to achieve, thanks to years of poor forward planning and systems which revolve heavily around cars, a highly inefficient mode of transport. But mobility patterns are changing, especially amongst young people, and sustainable transport systems are much more effective at meeting local social and economic needs. Read more

The case for a new wave of localism

This guest post is by Green Alliance associate Rebecca Willis, and coincides with the publication of our new pamphlet Unlocking local leadership on climate change: perspectives from coalition MPs.

Humberside has a proud industrial heritage. The factories and ports of the Humber estuary have contributed to the UK’s prosperity, and provided jobs for local people for decades.

With the decline of traditional industry the area has a new found source of jobs in renewable energy. The Humber Renewable Energy Super Cluster is a comprehensive plan, drawn up by local businesses and government to transform the economy of the area with low carbon industries.

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