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The EU has the power to switch on innovation

This post first appeared on Business Green.

Think of innovation and what comes to mind? Blue skies, blank sheets of paper, keeping your thoughts showering and definitely outside of any boxes? These might be helpful for great leaps forward, but most technological development occurs through a series of small shuffles: a one per cent efficiency gain here, a five per cent weight reduction there. This is the kind of optimisation that delivers a competitive advantage rather than creates a whole new market, and a long term study by McKinsey has shown that focusing on a few key objectives is a vital part of successfully innovating to deliver incremental improvements. Read more

Why collaboration is the key to a circular economy

Tug of warA version of this post first appeared on BusinessGreen.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” These wise words, borrowed from Johannesburg airport via Richard Branson’s blog, reflect a frequently heard idea about business in the 21st century: that you can do more for people, planet and profit by collaborating than competing. Read more