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Five things we learned from the Greener Britain Hustings

16728491850_8f26167fe8_zAt the Greener Britain Hustings, senior party representatives debated with the general public what they will do, if they get into power at the next election, to create a greener Britain. Unlike some of the other election debates on offer, they did so in the same room and at the same time.

Here’s five things we learned: Read more

Big questions for a Greener Britain from Green Alliance

Greener BritainMy biggest fear for the environment in this coming election is not that it won’t feature as a major issue. That may be a blessing given the quality of the debate so far. It’s that our next government won’t have a plan for what it wants to do. So my big question to the parties is ‘What’s your green programme for the first year of government?’ Read more

Big questions for a Greener Britain from CPRE

Aerial view of housing estateThis post is by Shaun Spiers, chief executive of CPRE, in advance of the Greener Britain hustings. It is also published on CPRE’s blog

One of the myths of British politics is that people do not vote on green issues. In fact, seats are won or lost on the environment, albeit generally the local environment. Local politicians know the intensity of feeling about litter, street cleaning and the state of public parks. In national elections, housing is a big issue, particularly new housing in the countryside when more sustainable alternatives are available.  Read more

Big questions for a Greener Britain from WWF UK

Deforestation in the PhilippinesThis post is by David Nussbaum, chief executive of WWF UK, in advance of the Greener Britain hustings. It also appeared on the WWF UK blog.

It feels, at last, as though we are into the final straight of what has seemed like a very long General Election campaign.  The horses – perhaps a broader field than we might have expected at the beginning of this parliament – are approaching the finishing line, though only the rashest of pundits would risk a flutter on who might cross it first. Read more