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How to build a framework for a greener government

Big Ben in LondonThis post is by Duncan Brack, freelance researcher, former DECC special adviser and Green Alliance associate.

‘What does it take to get green policies implemented in government?’ was the question I posed three years ago on this blog, shortly after my departure as special adviser at the Department of Energy and Climate Change. One of my abiding memories of my government experience was the inordinate amount of time I’d had to spend arguing with special advisers in other departments over green policy. It wasn’t that we always lost the arguments – far from it, thanks to my boss Chris Huhne – it was that there was no overall mechanism to require anyone else in government to aim to be ‘the greenest government ever’. Read more

Green liberalism: a local approach to the low carbon economy

Green liberalism_coverGreen Alliance associate Duncan Brack, introduces our recently published collection of essays, Green liberalism: a local approach to the low carbon economy. There are similar collections under ‘Green social democracy’ and ‘Green conservatism’ projects as part of Green Alliance’s Green Roots programme, which aims to stimulate green thinking within the three dominant political traditions in the UK. This piece has also been posted on Liberal Democrat Voice.

This collection of essays builds on two Liberal Democrat core beliefs: environmentalism and localism.

As David Howarth argued in The green book: new directions for Liberals in government (Biteback, March 2013), liberalism is not only compatible with environmentalism, it requires an environmental approach. In the UK, the Liberal Party, and then the Liberal Democrats, have consistently shown themselves to be the greenest of the three major political parties. Read more

My big idea: government should support its own policies

This is a guest post by Duncan Brack, formerly Chris Huhne’s special adviser and now a freelance researcher. It is part of a series on big ideas to reduce the UK’s environmental impact.

My big idea is for the government to be consistent in its support for its own energy and climate policies. Hardly a radical proposal, but one it is not achieving. Read more

What does it take to get green policies implemented in government?

Duncan BrackChris Huhne’s former special adviser and now a Green Alliance associate, gives his view from the inside.

What does it take to get green policies implemented in government?

I’ve had time to think about this question in recent weeks after my rather abrupt departure as Chris Huhne’s special adviser, upon his resignation as secretary of state for energy and climate change last month. Read more