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Why we need a ban on sending wood to landfill

This post is by Dustin Benton, who leads Green Alliance’s Resource Stewardship theme.

The UK has made real progress in reducing landfill in certain sectors, including packagingconsumer goods, and hospitality, over the past two years.

Indeed, the European Commission recently found that the UK ranks above average for its waste management. But its report did give the UK one red flag: unlike other similarly positioned countries, we haven’t restricted biodegradable materials from landfill. Read more

How to drive green growth in UK cities

This is a guest post by Zach Wilcox, an analyst at the Centre for Cities

Policy discussions on green growth and smart cities often centre on the details of which targets to pursue, how to measure CO2 emissions, and how urgently action is needed.

This is important, but in the meantime we also need progress on the ground. At Centre for Cities we are focusing on how UK cities can help drive, and meet, the growing demand for green products and services. Read more

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