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The Climate Change Committee brings home the reality of global warming for the UK 

The government has just received the clearest, and most alarming, picture yet of what the changing climate could mean for the future of the UK.  

Whilst the devastating global impacts of climate change are well documented, the details in the Climate Change Committee’s (CCC’s) Independent Assessment of UK Climate Risk brings it much closer to home. The committee’s projections for the UK should send shockwaves through government and be a wake up call that we need to focus on climate adaptation.  

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How citizens’ juries can help to create a mandate for climate action

citizens jury smallToday, a pub landlady, a student and a retired police inspector will be amongst those sitting in a church hall in the Lake District, debating the future of climate policy in the UK.

Green Alliance’s second citizens’ jury on climate change comes to Penrith. It is a chance for a community to come together, in the wake of parliament’s national climate emergency declaration, and make decisions on what it wants to see the government do to tackle climate change. Read more