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Southern Water and sewage: how do we stop big business just going through the motions?

One of the things that has cheered me in recent years has been the signs that big business has started to take environmental action seriously and show real leadership in addressing the environmental crisis. I like to think that this is not only because environmental destruction has become a material risk to their business model, but also because they are run by people, who like the rest of us, appreciate that we need a habitable planet to live on. This includes being able to swim, as I do, in the English Channel without getting ill.

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Green Alliance’s new strategy 2021–24: turning ambition into action

This post is by Belinda Gordon, strategy director at Green Alliance.

Three years may not seem a long time but, given what we’ve been through, 2018 seems like a whole different era. And I don’t just mean because of the pandemic. The political, environmental and social context Green Alliance is working in now, compared to when our last strategy was published, is starkly different.

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