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5 top resources on the IPCC report

bear_350If the publication of  last week’s IPCC report left you wanting to know more, but not wanting to read a lot more, we’ve put together a list of links below to five, interesting, short content resources on the subject. Comment here or send us a tweet (@GreenAllianceUK) if you know any more worth sharing and we’ll add them to the list. 

1. The IPCC climate change report – in 90 seconds  
This short video from the BBC was produced before last week’s publication, so doesn’t go into the details of the report.

2. 15 Things you should know about the IPCC report on climate change  
From US news site Think Progress, this list is a good run through of what it’s all about.

3. 2007 vs 2013 report
An infographic from Live Science comparing the IPCC’s last report with this one.

4. How hot will it get in my lifetime?
Great interactive infographic from The Guardian. Keep clicking forward to see the animation. Serious subject but fun to use.

5. Six graphs that explain how the climate is changing   
A good distiller, Carbon Brief provides the general gist in six graphs.


More suggestions from readers:

Rebecca Willis recommends this good infographic from Nature showing the IPCC’s progress since 1988 on the evidence, science and modelling. @Bankfieldbecky

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