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Green Alliance is a charity and independent think tank focused on ambitious leadership and increased political support for environmental solutions in the UK. This blog provides space for commentary and analysis around environmental politics and policy issues as they affect the UK. The views of external contributors do not necessarily represent those of Green Alliance.

A challenge to all UK parties to make Britain greener

This post is by Dr Mike Clarke, chief executive of the RSPB. Manifestos are sometimes important for their differences, but it’s when they’re the same that they’re really powerful. This is especially true for cross-cutting issues like the environment, which … Continue reading

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Why Generation Y is turned off by investment in their future

This post is by Saker Nusseibeh, chief executive officer of Hermes Fund Managers. It is the foreword to Green Alliance’s new report The future savings challenge, produced in association with Hermes. In the debate about the future of the financial system and the reforms needed … Continue reading

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Flaming June? We need leadership at the Paris climate summit

This post is by Eddie O’Connor, co-founder of Mainstream Renewable Power, it first appeared on his blog. We used to think that ‘Flaming June’ was rose-tinted nostalgia for long lost summer holidays, but this year the National Oceanic and Atmospheric … Continue reading

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Big manifesto ideas: get rid of the Lobbying Act & have a new Act for nature

With less than a year to go until the next election, we have sought ideas for the next parliament from a range of leading organisations and thinkers on environment, business and politics. Here we post the final two ideas in the series, … Continue reading

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Big manifesto ideas: on sustainable development and upland protection

There has been no shortage of great proposals in our series of big manifesto ideas for the parties going into the next election. Leading thinkers have contributed ideas, alongside our own, for achievable actions to make the UK a greener, … Continue reading

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From megawatts to negawatts: will the government’s pilot work?

This post is by Katherine Watts, Green Alliance’s head of energy. The full potential of reducing electricity demand is still far from being realised in the UK, despite being a low cost, low pollution and health improving way to reduce … Continue reading

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Big manifesto ideas: sustainable fishing, negawatts and business accounting

With the next general election approaching, we’ve asked leading thinkers to give us their one big manifesto idea for a greener Britain, alongside some of our own. There’s no shortage of great ideas, with fifteen strong proposals already under the … Continue reading

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Big manifesto ideas: responsible pensions, help to heat and a resource target

With the 2015 general election on the horizon, we’ve asked leading thinkers and experts for their one big manifesto idea. The one they think will make a real difference to a greener Britain. Today we’re posting ideas 13,14 and 15. … Continue reading

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Interconnection is the solution to the energy trilemma

This post is by Paul Arwas who has over 20 years’ experience as a professional consultant, specialising in renewable energy and energy services.  Paul has advised governments on energy policy and some of the leading global energy companies on strategy and technology … Continue reading

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How to respond to Euroscepticism? Start by ending the CAP

This post is by Miles King, senior ecologist at Footprint Ecology, and a regular blogger about nature and the environment. If there was any doubt before, the local and euro election results have confirmed that the future of Britain’s relationship with … Continue reading

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