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Green Alliance is a charity and independent think tank focused on ambitious leadership and increased political support for environmental solutions in the UK. This blog provides space for commentary and analysis around environmental politics and policy issues as they affect the UK. The views of external contributors do not necessarily represent those of Green Alliance.

Why strong laws are needed now to protect and restore nature

This post is by Matt Adam Williams, climate policy officer for the RSPB. World leaders are preparing to meet later this month in Paris to finalise a global deal on climate change that will take us past 2020. The European Union … Continue reading

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Why Big Energy Saving Week didn’t save much energy

This post is by Dustin Benton and Amy Mount. After a summer of wiping the slate clean, the one remaining certainty about the government’s attitude to UK energy policy is that it is committed to minimising cost. This was the … Continue reading

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The EU’s unique role in helping us to respond to environmental threats

This post is by Nigel Haigh, director of the Institute for European Environmental Policy (IEEP) 1980- 98 and chair of Green Alliance 1989-98. He is author of the forthcoming book EU Environmental Policy – its journey to centre stage  (to … Continue reading

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What motivates politicians to act on climate change?

This post is by Green Alliance associate Rebecca Willis who is working with us on a new research project, in collaboration with Lancaster University. How often have you heard the lament amongst environmentalists, “what’s lacking is political will”? If only politicians … Continue reading

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How cheaper negawatts are made to look more expensive than watts

This post is by Nic Craig, Green Alliance policy intern, Amy Mount and Dustin Benton The capacity market, which provides payments to ‘keep the lights on’, is one of the energy policies still surviving after a summer of scrappages and watering … Continue reading

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The climate case against shale gas

This post is by Tony Bosworth, Friends of the Earth’s energy campaigner. It’s no surprise that a task force funded by the shale gas industry has produced a report saying fracking can help tackle climate change. But its arguments – … Continue reading

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The climate case for shale gas

This post is by climate and energy consultant Stephen Tindale. He blogs at UK climate campaigners should support fracking for shale gas. Shale gas would enable the UK to reduce the burning of coal, and also the import of … Continue reading

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Why government spending decisions need to account for nature

This post is by Richard Benwell,  parliamentary programme manager at RSPB and director of communications at Westmill Solar Co-operative. If you’ve been following the to and fro of international financial markets over recent weeks, like me you might have been … Continue reading

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Devolution is a chance for more democratic infrastructure planning

This post has been written by Amy Mount of Green Alliance and Andrew Wescott of the Institute of Civil Engineers. It first appeared on the ICE blog In the run up to the general election, there was a clamour of calls for a … Continue reading

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What’s holding business leaders back on sustainability?

This post is by Justin Keeble, managing director, Accenture Sustainability Services in Europe, Africa and Latin America. It is one of five expert essays featured on our microsite Business strategy for a better world, which explores how businesses can go … Continue reading

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