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Why young people want government to make an ambitious plan for nature

6555772145_9eef8287c2_zThis post is by Matt Adam Williams, associate director of A Focus on Nature.

Young people voted overwhelmingly to stay in the EU, so we have been handed a raw deal by the decision to leave. That our voices and interests are regularly excluded from political conversations is nothing new. We hear increasingly of the housing crisis facing millennials, as well as the mounting cost of education and the decline in wages compared to our parents’ generation.
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On the second day of Christmas: no turtle doves? Why we should get serious about wildlife decline

5038525_sThis post is by Dr Mark Avery who writes daily at Standing up for Nature and was formerly conservation director at the RSPB.

There are 500 days until the 2015 general election and so time is running out for the coalition government to impress the electorate with its green successes.  In 2013 there have been two major NGO reports which indicate wildlife is still declining in the UK and that action by the Westminster government is inadequate. Read more