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Why we must learn to love carbon capture and storage

This is a guest post by Professor Stuart Haszeldine, professor of carbon capture and storage at the University of Edinburgh’s School of Geosciences

The small ugly duckling wanders around the Brussels farmyard. Surrounding the farmyard are tall white windmills spinning slowly in the breeze. On the roof of the farmhouse gleam purple-white solar panels. And a little further away sits the stainless steel work of a geothermal borehole.

You don’t have to look far beyond the farmyard, however, to see some intruders into this low carbon landscape: the tall slim flue from a 1600 MW coal power plant, and the chimney from a new gas plant.

Europe has progressed greatly on building renewable energy generation. However, as the International Energy Agency reminded us in April,  the continent is burning more coal than ever before, closely followed by a rising gas bubble of consumption. Read more