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Taking action to reverse nature decline now will offer good jobs for a green recovery

This post is by Zoe Avison, policy analyst at Green Alliance and was originally published on Wildlife and Countryside Link’s blog.

Taking action to reverse nature decline now will offer good jobs for a green recovery. As we surface from the pandemic, minds will turn from rescue to recovery. Emergency packages to support people and businesses will give way to more strategic decisions about the type of economy we want on the other side. The economic impacts of the pandemic are not evenly spread and a recovery that levels up the country is a major government priority. For this reason, we commissioned WPI Economics to research the link between levelling up and jobs in the nature sector, to show why green jobs should be at the heart of the government’s recovery plans.

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Green jobs must be good jobs

intext-blog-essays-green-jobsThis post is by Tim Page, senior policy officer at TUC . It is one of six essays taken from our publication Countdown to COP26.

The move to net zero will bring challenges and opportunities. If we get it wrong, thousands of jobs will be lost and communities destroyed, as fossil fuel based energy and production sites close, with no alternatives for workers. If we get it right, we will bring great new jobs to those same communities, with the UK leading the way in green technology. Read more

Green growth – good for the environment and the economy

This post is by Matthew Spencer, Green Alliance’s director. It was first published in our journal, Inside Track.

Amidst the gloom of austerity politics and melting polar ice we have something to celebrate. Remember all those arcane battles to create the policy frameworks for cleaner water, greater recycling and green energy? After years of slog from advocates, entrepreneurs and a fair few politicians, it is bearing fruit.

Green business activity has become a force in the land, overtaking high profile sectors like telecoms and automotive industry in employment numbers and quietly establishing itself as a major export success story.  Last year it contributed a third of the UK’s growth, and next year it is expected to halve our total trade deficit. If you are reading this, the chances are that you played some part in this success. Read more