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Newly elected MEPs now have to take some important decisions on climate  

Should yesterday’s European elections matter to us? When it comes to tackling climate change, the answer is an emphatic yes. Former MEP, Chris Huhne, argues that the values you care about should be reflected in the people sent to Brussels to represent you. They may seem faceless, distant and pointless, but they have real power on many of the issues that affect the places we live and work.

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Why a non-binding renewable energy target could mean more power to the EU

This post is by Clive Bates, director of Counterfactual Consulting and Advocacy.

On 27 January, the European Commission published its 2030 Framework for Climate and Energy Policies.  There were two attention grabbers: a target to reduce EU greenhouse gas emissions to 40 per cent below the 1990 level, en route to 80 per cent by 2050; and a target to secure 27 per cent of energy consumption from renewables at EU-level.

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The UK’s curious crusade against a new renewable energy target

liverpool windfarmsIt’s rare to find a government policy which visibly annoys studiously neutral mandarins, but I now regularly encounter energetic rejection of renewable energy targets by senior officials.

Targets are considered an affront to rational thinking, a source of extra cost and an unnecessary constraint, binding the government’s hands on energy policy. Read more