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Why politicians are ducking responsibility for bringing down energy bills

House Thermal ImageThis post first appeared on BusinessGreen.

The current ‘green crap’ debate is a dispiriting failure of political leadership on energy. Not because it’s wrong to focus on reducing the burden of high energy bills on consumers, but because the solution being proposed: cutting environmental and social levies, will offer only a small bill reduction, while diverting attention from where it should be focused: on the UK’s shameful failure to implement a national energy efficiency programme. Read more

Why we need a political strategy to stop resource costs stifling recovery

oil prices 2I wrote recently about how resource extraction is like the Red Queen race in Lewis Carroll’s Through the Looking-Glass, where rising environmental pressures mean we have to work much harder and pay more just to maintain production. What I didn’t touch on was what this is doing to our politics: persistently high prices appear to have come out of nowhere, leaving politicians reeling. Read more

Why the UK shouldn’t go it alone: the benefits of a common European energy and climate policy

FlagThis post is by Jonathan Gaventa, programme leader on European energy infrastructure at E3G. Jonathan is one of 20 experts Green Alliance interviewed as part of a review of European climate and energy policy which will be published next week.

There is no security in separatism, no innovation in isolationism, and nothing to be gained from walking away from our seat at the European table. Read more