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Conference diary: where now for green conservatism?

6217321664_fdb5fc1678_bIn his latest post from the party conferences,  Green Alliance’s  Alastair Harper reports from Manchester. This piece first appeared on BusinessGreen.

There’s something surreal about the way the parties shuffle the same cities for their annual conferences. Last night, I sat in on a reception for a right-of-centre think tank, filled with young people chatting earnestly about the perils of welfare reliance and how innovation was being shackled by government regulation. In exactly the same room last year, I watched another large group of young people chatting earnestly about the perils of cuts to essential services and how growth was being limited due to lack of government stimulus investment. Surreal, but also a useful lab setting in which to compare the parties. Read more

David Cameron has become fracking’s biggest cheerleader

2048px-David_CameronThis post first appeared on The Guardian.

Any new technology has a short honeymoon period where its attractions loom large before practicalities intervene to burst the bubble and a more realistic picture of its costs and benefits emerges.  I should know, I helped to raise expectations about the future of UK wave power in the early 2000s. Our hope that large wave farms would be up and running within the decade proved distinctly optimistic. Read more

We can’t make poverty history without environmental resilience

cambodian farmerThis post is by Christine Allen, director of policy and public affairs at Christian Aid.

At Christian Aid we strongly believe that, unless development is also environmentally resilient, we can’t end poverty. The UN High-level panel on the post-2015 development agenda holds its final meeting in New York next week, before reporting to the UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon at the end of this month.

Now is the time to ensure that this new framework puts all countries in a position where they can develop sustainably for the long term. Read more

The four tests Cameron needs to apply to international development

Nacoes-Unidas-preparam-Agenda-de-Desenvolvimento-pos-2015_article_full_lWith the high-level Panel on the post-2015 development agenda meeting in Bali next week, civil society organisations around the world are making their case for what should be in the new development framework.

One thing that has united environment and development groups is trying to ensure that the next set of goals help nations develop for the long term, not just until the next extreme weather event or energy crunch. Given the increasingly serious threats facing the world’s poorest, and their dependence on the natural environment for their livelihoods and survival, the new set of goals must leave developing nations better prepared to manage the risks that they face. Read more

David Cameron should be worried

This comment by Green Alliance director Matthew Spencer first appeared in the Evening Standard.

David Cameron should be worried that his party is now being regularly portrayed as dropping its environmental pledges.  Matthew d’Ancona, writing in Wednesday’s Evening Standard, read the reshuffle as a sign that ‘tory greenery’ was a fad, but it is so much more than a passing fashion. Read more

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