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Consumers need and want more help to go green 

This post is by Rocio Concha, director of policy and advocacy at Which?.

Climate change targets are necessarily ambitious. Weather patterns that were once considered freakish are now occurring regularly across the world, with wildfires and flooding happening at a frightening rate. Watching these scenes unfold, it can often feel like the task of turning the tide is insurmountable. A more ambitious approach is needed from the government and businesses. But what the rest of us do will also be crucial in driving this transition, and that requires more meaningful consumer engagement, with more reliable information and support provided for the choices we make. 

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What have we learned from the financial crisis?

Lucrezia Reichlin

Lucrezia Reichlin interviewed by Julian Morgan

The fourth in our series of seminars with economic experts took place on 4 March. It was a discussion on the lessons from the financial crisis with Lucrezia Reichlin (professor of economics and chair of the economics department at the London Business School). Below is a brief overview of our stimulating discussion, with short audio clips.  Read more