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The case for a new wave of localism

This guest post is by Green Alliance associate Rebecca Willis, and coincides with the publication of our new pamphlet Unlocking local leadership on climate change: perspectives from coalition MPs.

Humberside has a proud industrial heritage. The factories and ports of the Humber estuary have contributed to the UK’s prosperity, and provided jobs for local people for decades.

With the decline of traditional industry the area has a new found source of jobs in renewable energy. The Humber Renewable Energy Super Cluster is a comprehensive plan, drawn up by local businesses and government to transform the economy of the area with low carbon industries.

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What does it take to get green policies implemented in government?

Duncan BrackChris Huhne’s former special adviser and now a Green Alliance associate, gives his view from the inside.

What does it take to get green policies implemented in government?

I’ve had time to think about this question in recent weeks after my rather abrupt departure as Chris Huhne’s special adviser, upon his resignation as secretary of state for energy and climate change last month. Read more