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UK charitable giving to environmental causes is rising, but is still a drop in the ocean

This post is by Florence Miller, director, and Patricia Cremona, programme and research co-ordinator, of the Environmental Funders Network. It was first posted on the Alliance Magazine’s blog.

After years of little change, annual giving from UK foundations for environmental work nearly doubled between 2015-16 and 2018-19, a hugely encouraging upswing.

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Tackling climate change is a job for the whole voluntary sector not just green groups

This post is by Richard Hebditch, director of external affairs at the Association of Charitable Foundations (ACF).

 The latest progress report from the Climate Change Committee makes it crystal clear that all sectors and organisations need to be part of the solution to climate change, and that the UK’s net zero target has helped to create the conditions for growing commitments from business and government.

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