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The UK’s in a powerful position to help drive energy transformation in Africa

Desertec v4This post is by Alison Doig, Christian Aid’s senior adviser on climate change and author of Low carbon Africa: leapfrogging to a green future.

A number of years ago I visited a rural clinic in Zimbabwe which had been given electricity for the first time from a micro hydro power scheme. I asked the nurse what difference electricity had brought, and she answered that women no longer have to give birth by candle light. Read more

Development in the age of climate change: where does the PM’s high-level panel take us?

cambodiaThis post is by Dr Alison Doig, senior climate change adviser at Christian Aid and Dr Ruth Fuller, international development policy adviser at  WWF-UK.

The new World Bank report, Turn down the heat, gives a startling and frank warning. It presents a picture of the devastating impacts of climate change on the developing world within our lifetimes, from droughts affecting food supply in Africa and India, to cyclones and extreme temperatures threatening communities in South Asia. Read more