World water day: 5 top facts

1fernandoTo mark world water day, here are 5 water-related facts, courtesy of Waterwise.

1. In the UK we flush 2 billion litres of water down the toilet every day.

2. In Abu Dhabi, average per capita household water consumption is 3,300 litres per day; in the UK it’s 150 litres, and to survive a human being needs about 4 litres.

3. Globally we use 2 million litres of water per second to grow food – the equivalent of 800 olympic-sized swimming pools.

4. Five percent of UK CO2 emissions come from heating water for bathing and washing at home.

5. Water covers 70% of the Earth but only about 1% is available for human use.

One comment

  • Hi Sylvia. I have used your information on my Linked In site and credited you in the process.
    I have experience in Desalination plants which are are in widespread use in certain countries and use steam as part of the process. I wonder is anyone has thought of using Biomass as the production source for the steam?
    We do large scale Biomass and steam processes.

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