Alastair Harper
Alastair was the head of politics at Green Alliance from January 2012 to May 2016 and now is the head of public affairs at Shelter UK.
Amy Mount
Amy ran the Greener UK unit since it was established in September 2016. Amy is now the head of strategic briefings and narratives at DEFRA. Follow her on Twitter @ASmallAMount
Angela Francis
Angela is chief advisor of economics and economic development at WWF. She was formerly chief economist at Green Alliance. Follow her on Twitter @angelafrancisuk
Benjamin Halfpenny
Benjamin is the media and communications manager for the Greener UK unit. He joined Green Alliance in December 2017.
Bente Klein
Bente works as a market development analyst at Shire Oak Energy Limited and formerly as a policy assistant at Green Alliance. Follow her on Twitter @BAVKlein
Caterina Brandmayr
Caterina is a policy analyst in the Low Carbon Energy and Resource Stewardship themes. She joined Green Alliance in August 2016.
Chaitanya Kumar
Chaitanya worked as the head of climate and energy at Green Alliance. He is now head of environment and green transition at the New Economics Foundation. Follow him on Twitter @chaitanyakumar
Chris Venables
Chris joined Green Alliance in February 2020 as head of politics. Follow him on Twitter @chrisjvenables
Costanza Poggi
Costanza is the manager at Seahorse Environmental Communication and previously worked as a policy adviser at Green Alliance. Follow her on Twitter @cmipoggi
Dustin Benton
Dustin, policy director at Green Alliance, is currently on secondment at Defra until February 2021. He joined Green Alliance in 2011. Follow him on Twitter @dustin_benton
Emma Pollitt
Emma joined Green Alliance in September 2019 as a policy assistant in the Political Leadership theme.
Emily Coats
Emily was a policy analyst from 2013 to July 2016 and is now an associate of Green Alliance.
Faye Scott
Faye joined Green Alliance in 2007 and was head of research from 2011 to 2017.
Gwen Buck
Gwen joined Green Alliance as a policy adviser in November 2018 to work on the Climate Leadership Programme. She is also working for Greener UK, focusing on trade, and for Cutting Carbon UK. Follow her on Twitter @ecogwen
Imogen Cripps
Imogen is a policy assistant at Green Alliance. She works across several themes including the Circular Economy Task Force, Tech Task Force and Natural Environment theme.
Jim Elliott
Jim is a policy adviser in the Natural Environment theme. He joined Green Alliance in September 2016 as a policy assistant.
Jo Rogers
Jo joined Green Alliance in January 2016 as head of the development team, managing and developing our central support functions. Follow her on Twitter @Jo_Rogers_137
Joanna Furtado
Joanna joined Green Alliance in January 2020 as a policy adviser to work as part of the political leadership theme.
Jonathan Ritson
Jonathan Ritson worked at Green Alliance as a policy analyst between 2019 -2020.
Jonny Hazell
Jonny was a senior policy adviser in the resources theme at Green Alliance from 2012 to February 2017. Follow him on Twitter @JWHazell
Julian Morgan
Julian was chief economist at Green Alliance from April 2013 to March 2015.
Julie Hill
Julie is chair of WRAP, a Green Alliance associate and an independent board member of the Consumer Council for Water. Follow her on Twitter @JulieEHill
Leah Davis
Leah was interim strategy director at Green Alliance from October 2015 to September 2016. She was acting director until April 2017. Follow her on Twitter @Leah_Davis
Libby Peake
Libby joined Green Alliance in May 2017 and is the head of resource policy.
Matthew Spencer
Matthew was director of Green Alliance from May 2010 to September 2016. He has 25 years experience in national and international environmental issues. Follow him on Twitter @Spencerthink
melissa Melissa Petersen
Melissa was a policy assistant at Green Alliance from September 2018 to September 2019. Follow her on Twitter @melpete_
Patrick Killoran website photo Patrick Killoran
Patrick joined Green Alliance in September 2018 as part of the Greener UK Unit and is currently working as a policy adviser.
Paul McNamee
Paul joined Green Alliance in June 2016 as the head of politics until February 2020. Follow him on Twitter @pauldmcnameega
Philippa Borrowman
Philippa joined Green Alliance as policy adviser in February 2020 to work as part our work in the Low Carbon Energy theme.
Ravina Singh
Ravina joined Green Alliance in September 2019 as a policy assistant. Follow her on Twitter @RavinaNKSingh
Rebecca Willis
Rebecca is an independent researcher in climate energy policy and politics and a professor in practice at Lancaster University. She is also an associate of Green Alliance. Follow her on Twitter @Bankfieldbecky
Rebekah Phillips
Rebekah is a Green Alliance associate and freelance project manager and policy expert on green living projects. She previously led our Green Living work.
Roz-insidetrack-thumbnail Roz Bulleid
Roz joined Green Alliance as head of policy in June 2019 and helps coordinate its policy work. Follow her on Twitter @rozbulleid
Ruth Chambers
Ruth joined Green Alliance’s Greener UK unit in October 2017 as senior parliamentary affairs associate. Follow her on Twitter @ruthmchambers
Shara Samra
Shara was a policy assistant in the Greener UK unit and now is a policy adviser for EU Negotiations at CBI. Follow her on Twitter @sharasamra
Shaun Spiers
Shaun joined Green Alliance as executive director in June 2017. He is chair of the Greener UK coalition of environmental organisations working together on Brexit. Follow him on Twitter @ShaunSpiers1
Simon Wilson
Simon is Green Alliance’s senior representative in Brussels and coordinator of the Alliance for Circular Economy Solutions (ACES). Follow him on Twitter @simoncjwilson
Sue Armstrong Brown
Sue is a Green Alliance associate. She was policy director from October 2014 to October 2016. Follow her on Twitter @SueAB68
Sylvia Rowley
Sylvia was the editor of Green Alliance’s blog from 2010 to April 2013.
Tom Kelsey
Tom joined Green Alliance in September 2017 and worked as a policy assistant in the Political Leadership theme. Follow him on Twitter @tkelsey915
william andrews tipper William Andrews Tipper
Will worked at Green Alliance for 6 years as head of sustainable business and natural environment. William is now the team leader for EU negotiations at DEFRA. Follow him on Twitter: @AndrewsTipper