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“Behaviour change is everything, it’s life!”

What does the government classify as a behaviour change intervention? How does it add to our policy toolkit? Why does the government not use the words ‘behaviour change’?

If you want to affect change, the thing to do is to make it feel not at all like change,” says David Halpern, head of the Government’s ‘nudge’ unit, Cabinet Office, giving evidence to the Lord’s Science and Technology Committee’s inquiry on behaviour change on 2nd November.

Listen here to the full evidence. Read more

What can environmental groups add to the Big Society?

Party conferences are a great way to get the political pulse of an idea. If the fringe guides were anything to go by then the Big Society looks like it is already here; actively running areas from education to health.

At Green Alliance’s fringes at the recent party conferences we were talking with DECC’s senior politicians, business and third sector leaders about the merits of the Big Society mantra for the environmental agenda, and conversely about what the environment movement could offer back. Read more

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