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My big idea: get more involved in Europe

This post is by Julie Hill, Green Alliance associate and chair of the Circular Economy Task Force.

It is part of a new series where experts argue for one policy change that could dramatically cut the UK’s environmental impact.

My big idea is this: join Europe.  As in not just sign up, but really join in, in fact take a lead.  Leaving the monetary union fiasco aside, there are plenty of areas where such a strategy might pay long term dividends, but none is more obviously beneficial than environmental policy. Read more

Resource security through a circular economy

This post is by Julie Hill, Green Alliance associate and chair of the Circular Economy Task Force launched by Green Alliance.

Today Green Alliance launches the Circular Economy Task Force. For me, this represents unimaginable progress from when I first entered this debate more than 15 years ago, a debate largely concerned with how to construct a better landfill. For many years it was the European Union that pushed the UK to let go of our attachment to landfill and aim for higher recycling, with considerable success. But today, I am pleased to say, the language of the Circular Economy is coming as strongly from the UK as from other leading countries.

Read more

Making the circular economy a reality

This post is by Green Alliance associate Julie Hill.

We held the final meeting of our Designing Out Waste business consortium last week.  In the words of one of the companies, with this work we ‘led the debate from designing out waste to the concept of the circular economy’.  Now we want to take the circular economy concept, where resources are properly valued and retained usefully in the economy for as long as possible, from an idea to reality.

As our presentation (From Designing Out Waste to the Circular Economy) at the meeting showed, there is already some leadership towards this goal, from UK’s devolved governments, the EU and businesses, but progress is still partial and fragmented.  Read more

Don’t give up on voluntary agreements for food waste

This is a guest post by Julie Hill, author of The Secret Life of Stuff, and a Green Alliance associate.

The news that the companies signed up to WRAP’s Courtauld Commitment are seriously off track for meeting their target for reducing food waste in their supply chains (only 0.4 per cent reduction against a target of five per cent by end of 2012) will doubtless be seized upon by opponents of  ‘voluntary agreements’.  Read more

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