The great resource price shock

The great resource price shock (infographic)-1Today, Green Alliance has published new analysis on the ‘great resource price shock’.

We show that food and energy prices have risen faster than other prices in the past ten years and how, if the cost of these resources had kept pace with other prices, the average household could have saved over £1,000 on food and household energy bills in 2012.

If this trend continues, by 2020 household food and energy bills could have risen by another £1,675.

We make a compelling case for better resource stewardship as the only effective way to protect the UK economy against these risks.

Click on the images below to read the infographic and analysis by our chief economist Julian Morgan.

Great resource price shock_infog

The great resource price shock (policy insight) cover

Read the press release

‘UK price rise exposes failure to prepare for food and fuel shocks’, 3 March 2014, The Guardian

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