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Will the Green Investment Bank become just another bank?

The government is in asset sale mode.  The planned sale of the nationalised banks will set a new high watermark for capital raised, previously set by the BP privatisation, presided over by Margaret Thatcher in 1987. The sale of the … Continue reading

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Low carbon infrastructure is vital to UK investment ambitions

George Osborne has two main objectives for government expenditure as chancellor: eliminate the deficit by cutting day to day spending and increase investment by prioritising capital spending. As public expenditure has been reduced the chancellor has looked to the private … Continue reading

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Time is short to get a public consensus on new infrastructure

This post is by Tony Burton, founder of Civic Voice and member of the National Infrastructure Planning Association’s Council.  Power, money, scale, legacy and to die for photo opportunities; it’s hardly surprising that politicians find big infrastructure projects irresistible.  Now … Continue reading

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A little more conversation, a lot more action: getting infrastructure right

This post is by Huw Irranca-Davies MP. It first appeared on Labour List. The infrastructure we use to travel, talk and power our homes and businesses is constantly being renewed and improved. When we get it right, it delivers outcomes that … Continue reading

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Don’t take politics out of infrastructure planning

If you start talking about infrastructure, few will accuse you of playing to the gallery. The term conjures up images of civil engineers, hard hats and a lot of concrete. Yet the choices we make about infrastructure in the coming … Continue reading

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The return of the politicians to the green economy fray

This post first appeared on BusinessGreen. For three years business leaders and civil society have led the drive to decarbonise our economy. Politicians have remained almost silent. But this silence may be about to end. Earlier this month, Ed Balls became the … Continue reading

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Talk is cheap: why the gap between rhetoric and reality in the coalition’s infrastructure policy matters

This post by Green Alliance’s chief economist Julian Morgan. It first appeared on the New Statesman economics blog. Ministers should not be under any illusion that public spending on high carbon projects offers a quick economic fix. Amid all the headlines about the … Continue reading

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Why we need low carbon infrastructure, not “shovel ready” zombie roads

This post was first published on the New Statesman blog. After three years of vigorous disagreement the political and economic commentariat seem to have found common ground. Infrastructure. Left and right now agree that it’s vital for the UK’s economic renewal, … Continue reading

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The hidden giants of infrastructure

This post first appeared on BusinessGreen. Industrial strategy hasn’t been fashionable for a long time. Anyone romantic enough to have spent February 14th watching Harold Wilson Night on BBC Parliament will have seen the last moment when industrial strategy took … Continue reading

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Top 10 UK green economy stats

Yesterday, we published our new infographic report Green Economy: a UK success story which shows that, quietly and without fanfare, the green business sector has become an economic force to be reckoned with. Here we post Top 10 stats from the report, first featured by BusinessGreen.

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