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Voluntary approaches to policy making aren’t working

This post is by Paul Morling, principal economist for the RSPB. UK and EU policy makers have increasingly favoured the use of voluntary approaches, like industry self regulation, as a low cost, more flexible alternative to binding regulations or market based … Continue reading

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One of the best things an environmentalist can do: get on a plane

This post is by Brendan May, chairman of The Robertsbridge Group. Some years ago, Prince Charles got into trouble for accepting an environment award overseas. ‘But he flew!’, they cried. Since then, from what I can tell, HRH has had … Continue reading

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The coalition has lost its momentum as a reforming government seeking to be green

This post also appears in the current edition of Utility Week. I was having dinner with a former US colleague when I realised how far UK leadership on the environment had weakened. I used to feel pity for US environmentalists, … Continue reading

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Reasons to be cheerful

Unlike most people working on environmental issues, I spend most of my time finding and telling good news stories. When not editing the Green Alliance blog, I work on earthrise, an environmental TV show on Al Jazeera English that features … Continue reading

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The circular economy: big in Japan

This post is by Jonny Hazell, policy assistant on our Resource Stewardship theme. When it comes to the ways in which stuff is made, consumed, and disposed of, there’s a lot the UK could learn from Japan. Japanese recycling rates are … Continue reading

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Which raw materials pose the biggest business risk?

I wrote about Chatham House’s report on resource futures last month, which provides a detailed and comprehensive look at how underlying environmental stress contributes to material insecurity. Green Alliance’s contention is that addressing material insecurity means tackling the underlying environmental … Continue reading

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Security tips, ministers ‘gagging for it’ and the end of a barren consensus

Alastair Harper is Green Alliance’s senior policy adviser on Political Leadership and  roving party conference diarist. This is his final diary posting from the Conservative party conference in Birmingham, first published on Business Green. Well, thank God that’s over with. Three … Continue reading

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Don’t turn off the future

This article first appeared in the New Statesman. There is a sector where our economy is not dying, but flying. Somewhere that the UK continues to dominate the global stage, creating the deals, skills, services and products in an area … Continue reading

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Twitter list: top green economics tweeters

Hot on the heels of our recent list of green political tweeters, here’s one focusing on economics. These are people to follow if you’re interested in the relationship between the economy and the environment – from green growth and sustainable investment … Continue reading

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Why we need a ban on sending wood to landfill

This post is by Dustin Benton, who leads Green Alliance’s Resource Stewardship theme. The UK has made real progress in reducing landfill in certain sectors, including packaging, consumer goods, and hospitality, over the past two years. Indeed, the European Commission recently found that the UK … Continue reading

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