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World water day: 5 top facts

To mark world water day, here are 5 water-related facts, courtesy of Waterwise. 1. In the UK we flush 2 billion litres of water down the toilet every day. 2. In Abu Dhabi, average per capita household water consumption is … Continue reading

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Why we need low carbon infrastructure, not “shovel ready” zombie roads

This post was first published on the New Statesman blog. After three years of vigorous disagreement the political and economic commentariat seem to have found common ground. Infrastructure. Left and right now agree that it’s vital for the UK’s economic renewal, … Continue reading

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Reasons to be cheerful

Unlike most people working on environmental issues, I spend most of my time finding and telling good news stories. When not editing the Green Alliance blog, I work on earthrise, an environmental TV show on Al Jazeera English that features … Continue reading

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Trams, solar panels and enlightened self interest in Nottingham

This post is by Councillor Graham Chapman, deputy leader of Nottingham Council. A longer version will appear in the Spring issue of Green Alliance’s journal, Inside Track.  Two to three times a week I cycle to work, not primarily to reduce … Continue reading

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Are fuel prices the nation’s greatest concern?

This post by Federica Cocco first appeared on Full Fact on March 4th 2013. In today’s politics roundup, the Sun reports that three quarters of the British public are concerned about one big national issue. If you think it’s the economy or … Continue reading

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The circular economy: big in Japan

This post is by Jonny Hazell, policy assistant on our Resource Stewardship theme. When it comes to the ways in which stuff is made, consumed, and disposed of, there’s a lot the UK could learn from Japan. Japanese recycling rates are … Continue reading

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Can wine, quizzes and advice help reduce people’s energy use?

This is a guest post by Graham Smith, professor of politics at the University of Westminster, and principal investigator of a project on community-based initiatives for energy saving.  It’s a widely held assumption on the part of policy-makers and activists that community … Continue reading

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Top 10 blog posts of 2012

As the year draws to a close here’s a look back at our top 10 most-read posts of the past 12 months. If you missed them first time round, now’s your chance to have a peek…

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Don’t turn off the future

This article first appeared in the New Statesman. There is a sector where our economy is not dying, but flying. Somewhere that the UK continues to dominate the global stage, creating the deals, skills, services and products in an area … Continue reading

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Twitter list: top green economics tweeters

Hot on the heels of our recent list of green political tweeters, here’s one focusing on economics. These are people to follow if you’re interested in the relationship between the economy and the environment – from green growth and sustainable investment … Continue reading

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