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Five items for the next PM’s in tray

This article features in the latest issue of Green Alliance’s journal Inside Track which focuses on priorities for the next parliament. The fog surrounding the next government’s priorities couldn’t be thicker. We are heading into an election that no one can … Continue reading

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We can have resource security without protectionism

This post is by Dan Byles MP, it was first published on ConservativeHome. The UK has a long history as a global trading nation. For centuries we have viewed free trade and an open economy as the route to prosperity, … Continue reading

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What should be the state’s role in developing a green economy?

Many of us believe that the development of a vibrant green economy is vital to Britain’s economic as well as environmental future. But how should we best foster the green economy and is there a role for government intervention? Should … Continue reading

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A challenge to all UK parties to make Britain greener

This post is by Dr Mike Clarke, chief executive of the RSPB. Manifestos are sometimes important for their differences, but it’s when they’re the same that they’re really powerful. This is especially true for cross-cutting issues like the environment, which … Continue reading

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What will turn Generation Y onto sustainable investment?

Professional investors have been stubbornly resistant to the idea that climate change should have any bearing on their decision-making. They continue to sink money into high carbon industries while ignoring the returns available from green infrastructure like clean energy and … Continue reading

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Why Generation Y is turned off by investment in their future

This post is by Saker Nusseibeh, chief executive officer of Hermes Fund Managers. It is the foreword to Green Alliance’s new report The future savings challenge, produced in association with Hermes. In the debate about the future of the financial system and the reforms needed … Continue reading

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What Wales and Scotland can teach us about the circular economy

A version of this post was first published on BusinessGreen. With memories of the world cup fading fast, something that has stayed with me are the many scenes of jubilant fans, perhaps because these reminded me of happy times spent … Continue reading

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My big manifesto idea: three great ideas for local empowerment

We’ve asked leading thinkers, from politics, business and green groups, to set out their one big manifesto idea for the next parliament – the one they think will make a big impact in creating a greener Britain. We are publishing … Continue reading

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My big manifesto idea: infrastructure

It’s less than a year until the next election, and the race is on to inform and shape the policy agenda of the next government. Manifesto priorities may appear to be determined entirely by public sentiment, party values and a … Continue reading

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Let’s follow Germany with a renewable gas strategy instead of fracking

This post is by Dr Bruce Tofield, associate consultant at the Adapt Low Carbon Group, University of East Anglia. In launching Next steps for shale production, energy minister Michael Fallon said that fracking “is an exciting prospect, which could bring … Continue reading

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