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Matthew has been director of Green Alliance since May 2010 and has 25 years experience of UK and international environmental issues. Prior to Green Alliance, Matthew was head of government affairs at the Carbon Trust; campaign director at Greenpeace UK and founder and chief executive of the renewable energy agency Regen SW, where he developed Wave Hub, the world’s first proving ground for wave energy farms. Follow on Twitter @Spencerthink

Coherence is returning to UK energy policy

UK energy policy took two big steps forward today, after months of self-inflicted damage by a government unclear about what it wanted to achieve. There remain some big gaps, most notably on energy efficiency, onshore wind and solar, but we … Continue reading

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The intern debate: four lessons from Green Alliance

The moral and practical dilemmas around internships are one of the hardest issues to manage if you run a charity. It has required soul searching, time and planning for Green Alliance to resolve them and through the process we’ve learnt … Continue reading

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How to get UK energy and climate policy back on track

Sometimes it takes an outsider to reveal an uncomfortable truth. In his speech this week to Green Alliance’s Beyond Paris event, held in association with the CBI, Al Gore held up a mirror to the UK and it wasn’t pretty. … Continue reading

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Big questions for a Greener Britain from Green Alliance

My biggest fear for the environment in this coming election is not that it won’t feature as a major issue. That may be a blessing given the quality of the debate so far. It’s that our next government won’t have … Continue reading

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Climate change does not have to be a partisan issue

Amidst the macho gun-slinging of the election campaign we’ve just seen something remarkable and unexpected:  an outbreak of wisdom and humility. The party leaders have put down their pistols and agreed to work together on climate change at home and … Continue reading

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Labour’s infrastructure plans won’t tackle the biggest barrier to delivery

This post appeared first on BusinessGreen. Heathrow was the elephant in the room at Tuesday’s Infrastructure Commission launch by Labour in Westminster. Most people there heard the shadow chancellor’s commitment to take early decisions on infrastructure as an indication that … Continue reading

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What’s the role of the environment in business success?

This post first appeared on the CBI’s The Great Business Debate. The environment has been the bank that keeps on giving for business:  it is the source of materials, and the sink for waste products. The sheer size of our oceans … Continue reading

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Unpicking the modernisation of the UK economy one step at a time

It generally pays to remain sanguine in the face of the ups and downs of the public policy debate, because it’s usually driven by short term concerns that don’t have a lasting effect in the real world. Last week, however, … Continue reading

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A new strategy for the next era of green policy

A lot has changed since Green Alliance was founded 35 years ago. Most of the people who partied with us at our celebration last night were still at school, and some hadn’t been born.  So let’s just remind ourselves: in … Continue reading

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The 2020s loom large for the UK’s offshore wind industry

This post was first published on BusinessGreen. A week may be a long time in politics, but a decade is short in the world of infrastructure. The 180 months remaining between now and 2030 only get us to the early … Continue reading

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