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Matthew has been director of Green Alliance since May 2010 and has 25 years experience of UK and international environmental issues. Prior to Green Alliance, Matthew was head of government affairs at the Carbon Trust; campaign director at Greenpeace UK and founder and chief executive of the renewable energy agency Regen SW, where he developed Wave Hub, the world’s first proving ground for wave energy farms. Follow on Twitter @Spencerthink

Unpicking the modernisation of the UK economy one step at a time

It generally pays to remain sanguine in the face of the ups and downs of the public policy debate, because it’s usually driven by short term concerns that don’t have a lasting effect in the real world. Last week, however, … Continue reading

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A new strategy for the next era of green policy

A lot has changed since Green Alliance was founded 35 years ago. Most of the people who partied with us at our celebration last night were still at school, and some hadn’t been born.  So let’s just remind ourselves: in … Continue reading

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The 2020s loom large for the UK’s offshore wind industry

This post was first published on BusinessGreen. A week may be a long time in politics, but a decade is short in the world of infrastructure. The 180 months remaining between now and 2030 only get us to the early … Continue reading

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Five items for the next PM’s in tray

This article features in the latest issue of Green Alliance’s journal Inside Track which focuses on priorities for the next parliament. The fog surrounding the next government’s priorities couldn’t be thicker. We are heading into an election that no one can … Continue reading

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Why it’s worth taking the party manifestos seriously

Have you spent the last four years “fired up to play your part in the nation’s future”? No? You didn’t accept your invitation from David Cameron to join the government of Britain? Is that because you wanted “a future fair … Continue reading

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David Cameron’s EU performance tomorrow is more important to the UK’s future than the Budget

This post was written with Nick Mabey, chief executive of E3G. It first appeared on BusinessGreen. Who says politics is short term? Tomorrow David Cameron and Europe’s other premiers will debate the shape of the region’s economy in 2030. They’ll … Continue reading

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Three ways green policy can reassure voters at the next election

This post first appeared on The Guardian’s Environment blog. After years of economic uncertainty and falling living standards the 2015 election will have a defensive feel to it. The electorate will want reassurance, not big change. Whoever ends up in … Continue reading

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Who’ll want to be the next leader of the Environment Agency?

Today is the last day to apply to be the new chair of the Environment Agency. Chris Smith stands down in July and interviews for his replacement are to be held in April.  Faced with storms of both a physical … Continue reading

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The UK’s curious crusade against a new renewable energy target

It’s rare to find a government policy which visibly annoys studiously neutral mandarins, but I now regularly encounter energetic rejection of renewable energy targets by senior officials. Targets are considered an affront to rational thinking, a source of extra cost … Continue reading

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Wildness and freedom: a banner to unite George Monbiot and Jeremy Clarkson

If there has been a silver lining to the large cloud currently sitting over UK environmental policy it has been that environmental thinkers have gone back to check their assumptions and think anew about what really matters.

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